Highly Accredited Projects that Offsert Sponsors

  • WIND Project, 

    Madhya Pradesh

    This is a 100.5 MW wind power project located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The project consists of 67 WTGs of 1.5 MW each generating clean electricity with utilization of wind energy. 

  • Stove Project, Sudan

    The Darfur Low-Smoke Stoves Project demonstrates how carbon finance can improve livelihoods in an area of Sudan where climate change, drought and desertification are already a fact of life. 

  • Hydroelectric project, honduras

    A lack of access to electrical energy is a major issue in the north region of the Republic of Honduras. This small run-of-river hydroelectric generating power plant is providing renewable energy to the national grid 

  • Cleaner, safer water, cambodia

    In Cambodia, untreated water and poor sanitation cause an estimated 10 million cases of diarrhoea and 10,000 deaths each year. Hydrologic distributes 600,000 ceramic filters, reaching 1.5 million people and saving about 130,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.  

  • Safe Water access, rwanda

    CO2balance works with local groups and NGOs in Rwanda to deliver clean, safe water by identifying and rehabilitating broken-down boreholes.

  • Wind Power Project iN India

    This project has played an important role in reducing CO2 emissions by generating 45 GWh of clean electricity annually – the equivalent of powering 10,500 households every year.

  • Sidrap Wind Farm Project, Indonesia

    The project is Indonesia’s first utility scale wind farm and has been developed by PT UPC Sidrap Bayu Energi in South Sulawesi, Indonesia