Make your present the gift that keeps on giving


Plant 150 trees today to give your friends, family or collegues the only gift that will keep on growing!


Offsert has teamed up with Eden Reforestation Projects, who is creating livelihoods for millions of people living in extreme poverty by empowering them to restore and protect forests on a massive scale. They start by hiring people in local communities to plant trees. This gives them a consistent income so they can provide for their families again. As the reforestation effort goes on, healthy forests begin to emerge, and the harmful effects of deforestation begin to disappear.


Since Eden has began, they have planted more than 650 million trees around the world in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya, Nicaragua, and Honduras.


Your gift will include;

  • The growing of 150 trees with Eden Reforestation Projects,
  • A certificate to authenticate your purchase,
  • A digital photo album of some of our tree growing sites and some information to where your trees are being planted.


Please do contact us if you have any questions or concerns. If you would like to gift something a bit more modular - we would be more than happy to accomodate

Plant 150 Trees