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Run of River Hydro-electricity, Turkey

Settled within the Bingol Province in Turkey, this diversion Weir HEPP project is a run of river hydro-electricity power plant (HEPP) with an installed capacity of 18.72 MW.


It produces around 42 GWh a year which is exported to the Turkish Grid which has an emissions intensity of 0.584 tCO2e/ MWh. The project avoids over 24,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere that would have been emitted otherwise.

The project contributes to the local region’s and Turkey’s sustainable development. It increases the use of renewable energy sources for generating electricity and helps to meet Turkey’s need for sustainable electricity generation and supply. It helps decrease the consumption of fossil fuels and reduces emissions of GHGs from the national electricity grid.


Furthermore, this project has helped provide job opportunities for around 80 people during the construction phase, with approximately 15 people employed during operation. The project owner prioritised local labour when selecting construction and operational workers, which helped the employment rate and income generation within the region.


Infrastructure improvements outside of the project included a donation of a new pump for village’s drinking water network as well as the maintenance of the village’s roads. 

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