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  • How much CO2 do I use in a year?
    Unbelievably, the average person uses 22 tonnes of CO2 every year! This is the same as our average payment plan, however quite likely you use more! The United States is the biggest emmiter of CO2 per capita, followed by Australia.
  • How can businesses be involved?
    Offsert is incredibly excited about the opportunity to give ALL businesses the chance to provide offserting services to their customers. From small startups who want to understand their carbon footprint, to large Corporations who want to give back. There are multiple ways that businesses can be involved; 1. Some businesses want to give their employees the power. They do this by asking their employees if they want to offset their carbon footprint for a small monthly installment - this is made super easy by billing them before their pay is provided to their bank account (similar to Superannuation and Tax), this way it is like they have never been billed. 2. Some businesses prefer to offset their entire business, this is also possible. Offsetting everything from their electricity use in their building, to the paper they provide to employees. They are able to do this as a one off payment, or as a custom membership on a week to week basis. ​ 3. Some businesses have decided to run a 1-for-1 program, whereby every sale of a product or service is offsetted with the growth of a tree, really demonstrating a unique way that customers can get behind a good cause. ​ 4. Finally, some businesses decide they want to do something in between. From donating to specific, custom projects to offsetting the flights that their employees make, even something small can bring huge impacts. If any of these options sound intriguing please reach out and we can help talk to you about a plan that suits your business.
  • What Business Model is Offsert?
    This is a question we get quite a lot, however the short answer is we are a social enterprise. This simply means that we are a business that exists for a social purpose involving the betterment of communities and fair distribution of resources and opportunities. Our aim is to benefit the climate mission the best that we can, this means that we strive for excellence, and are commited to transparency. If you have a question about how we operate, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact us
  • How do I stop or change my plan?
    This is simple as anything, send us an email and we will change your contract within 24 hours. When your details have been changed, we will send you an email to confirm this change. Your conveinience is our priority, so please let us know how we can help!
  • Is this tax deductible?
    It is likely that any business undertaking this expenditure will obtain a business benefit in the promotion of the business, and therefore it is likely to be a tax deductible expense for most trading businesses. We recommend you seek financial advice if uncertain.
  • How do you calculate the 22 Tonnes of CO2?
    We have a complex algorithm to calculate the Carbon Dioxide you offset. Put simply, this is a combination of the investment that you make to innovative humanitarian projects across the globe and the carbon dioxide that is consumed from the trees that you grow.
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