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Cleaner, Safer Water in Cambodia

In Cambodia, untreated water and poor sanitation cause an estimated 10 million cases of diarrhoea and 10,000 deaths each year, mostly in rural areas among children under the age of five. Furthermore, Cambodia has lost 2.17Mha of tree cover from 2001 to 2018, equivalent to a 25% decrease in tree cover since 2000 and 914Mt of CO₂ emissions. By distributing over 600,000 ceramic water filters, Hydrologic has reached more than 1.5 million people, about 10% of the population across Cambodia and saves about 130,000 tons of CO2 every year, shifting customers away from using wood or charcoal and opting for another water treatment method.

Hydrologic manufactures the filters in a factory 40 km from Phnom Penh, employing 25 staff, ensuring the quality of the product all along the production chain.

Hydrologic supports the local production and distribution of an affordable water purifier technology to local communities. Purifiers improve public health, reduce environmental impacts, and stimulate local economic activity.

By purchasing these carbon credits, you will enable Hydrologic to continue researching and developing purifier technology and train local producers and distributors, further scaling up the project’s impacts.

  • National Energy Globe Award (2013)

  • Ashden Award (2012)

  • GIZ IMPACT Business Award (2011)

Key impacts per year of project operation
  • 90,000 tonnes of CO2e saved per year (equivalent to taking 36,000 cars off the road)

  • 300,000+ Filters distributed providing clean water to nearly two million Cambodians

  • 74% of those who previously boiled water report less exposure to smoke

For every 1000 carbon credits purchased:

  • $30,000 savings by households on fuel purchase and collection*

  • 5 hectares of Cambodia’s forest protected*

  • 34 fewer cases of acute lower respiratory illness*

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