About Us

What do we do?

Offsert is a business to help create a bottom-up solution to Climate Change, we are strong believers that every day people have a responsibility to take ownership of their carbon emissions. We give individuals the opportunity to invest into Climate Change, and to tangibly have an affect on our environment. The way we invest into Climate Change reduction is two-fold;

  1. Firstly we aim to reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere currently. The way we do this is by growing trees. Trees are the lungs of the earth, and can be a very effective way of reducing the amount of CO2 in our air. For the average plan that we offer, you can grow 450+ trees a year. To add to this, our partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, employs local villages across the world to plant trees and gives them a fair, good income for doing so.

  2. The second (and in our opinion the more critical) step is to make sure we stop emitting as much Carbon Dioxide in the first place. The way we do this is by investing in a range of humanitarian projects across the globe. Some of the projects that we invest in range from introducing biogas to villages in Africa, to creating wind farms in Indonesia.

Our Mission

Offsert was designed as a way to inspire. We aren't a sustainability business, we are an investment firm - investing into Climate Change reduction. We realise that in the 21st century, innovation and technology have been the reason we are living in the best period in history. We want to help use innovation and technology to continue living blessed lives, while also looking after the environment, and reducing the biggest issue affecting our generation.  

We live in a world where the culture of blame can be stronger than the culture of change. We know that big businesses and the government have big roles to play in the Climate Change, but we also know that there is an equally powerful role for the individual. We created Offsert so people like YOU can take back the opportunity to control your future. 

Who are our trusted providers?
Julie Scott

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Julie Scott

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Tree Planting

Eden Reforestation Projects

They start by hiring the local villagers to plant trees. This gives them a consistent income so they can provide for their families again. As the reforestation effort goes on, healthy forests begin to emerge and the negative effects of climate change and deforestation begin to disappear. So far, they have grown over 250 million trees across the world.

Carbon Offsetting

Gold Standard

Gold Standard helps us with identifying and contributing to sustainable projects that help real people - with the bi-product of reducing carbon emissions. Gold Standard-certified projects have created over $13.8 Billion in shared value for climate action + sustainable development

20% - Spreading the word and keeping Offsert in business 
80% - Direct Sustainable Investment
Where your investment goes

When we measure success, we directly connect investment to impact. That is why Offsert is and always will be committed to transparency in the way we invest your money. 

The large majority of your money goes directly towards offsetting carbon emissions and the investment of sustainable and ethical projects. With the little remaining, we cover everything else - from spreading the word to helping our staff commit their time developing the Offsert brand. 

We are committed to contributing as much as we can to helping fight our global battle of climate change.