We invest into Climate Change reduction


For 65¢ a day, you can grow 450+ trees a year, and contribute to dozens of international projects that will allow for you to remove 22 tonnes of CO2 a year. This not only offsets your carbon emissions, but an investment is made into projects that will stop emitting carbon in the first place

What do we do?

We strategically invest every dollar that is given in trust by our users, into sustainable initiatives. Our aim is to not only grow forests and reduce carbon emissions, but to invest into the future and in sustainable ways to live around the world.


For the average person, we grow 450+ trees a year


We invest in a range of humanitarian projects to see the average person reducing 22 tonnes of CO2 every year.


We are building a community of like minded people who are taking responsibility of their future.


(COMing soon)

As a community of change makers, we will be working with our partners to create an incentive program for people to live sustainable lives


There are multiple ways that businesses can be involved; 


1. Some businesses want to give their employees the power. They do this by asking their employees if they want to offset their lives for a small monthly installment - this is made super easy by billing them before their pay is provided to their bank account (similar to Superannuation and Tax), this way it is like they have never been billed.


2. Some businesses prefer to offset their entire business, this is also possible! Offsetting everything from their electricity use in their building, to the paper they provide to employees.

3. Finally, some businesses decide they want to do something in between. From donating to specific, custom projects to offsetting the flights that their employees make, even something small can bring huge impacts.


If any of these options sound intriguing please reach out and we can help talk to you about a plan that suits your business!

How do we do this?

We work with partners across the world to plant 450+ every year for every subscription - an incredibly tangible way to invest in Climate Change reduction. Trees are not only the lungs of the earth, they create an ecosystem for other plants and animals to thrive.

We believe that making a real difference against carbon emissions is not just about reducing our carbon currently in the atmosphere, but is also about making sure we continually innovate to help reduce carbon emission into the future. To see our portfolio of projects that we contribute to, click here.

We don't consider ourselves a sustainability membership  - we are a community representing the future - something that we hope will be very normal in years to come. So, are you going to join the growing community investing into our Earth?